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We understand that consumers always look for good value and quality services in their transactions and business dealings. With this in mind, Fine Solutions offers a wide variety of specialized services and exceptionally well-engineered products to provide their customers with nothing but the best.
Our wide range of specialized services enables us to cater to all of our customers’ needs.
Our specialized teams, active customer care centers, external audit, and regional support units elevate our business to the highest levels.

  1. Customer Care Center, CCC
    Our dedicated Customer Care Center is one of our key services, with specialized agents monitoring deliveries, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers, and ensuring the best experience possible. We ensure you’ll have the finest experience possible.
  2. FineStore
    A cloud-based user-friendly platform personalized for our clients: equipped with seamless access, secured procurement, and payment assistance. Providing the simplest online shopping experience the industry has to offer.
  3. Specialized D-Team
    Our specialized dispenser team is always ready and equipped with all the right tools to get the job done. They are responsible for the installation and maintenance of our high-quality dispensers and always operate with the highest level of professionalism, especially at critical locations such as airports.
  4. Training and Enablement
    We strive to share our extensive knowledge through tailored training sessions for both custodians and facility managers. We empower our customers to maximize the effective application of Fine products while maintaining the highest hygienic standards.
  5. Emergency Delivery
    We understand that sometimes unplanned situations arise, which makes it hard to anticipate your supply needs concisely. With this in mind, we have dedicated mobile warehouses to help our customers deal with any situation.

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