Reduce Consumption by up to 30%

Less For More

Our hand towels are engineered with our patented SteriPro technology that guarantees the highest level of sterilization and hygiene. We also use only 100% virgin pulp that comes from lawfully and responsibly harvested sources.

Our hand towels come in many different styles, which vary based on the rate of traffic, location, application, absorbency, consumer behavior, and dispensation.

AutoCut Hand Towel

This is the best-in-market product that is designed to reduce consumption in high-traffic areas by up to 30%, and which comes with an elegant sensor-activated dispenser that controls the length of its sheets.

This product is available in all countries.

CenterFeed Hand Towel

This CenterFeed hand towel is easy and quick to pull, designed for low-traffic washrooms and kitchens.

This product is available in all countries.

InterFold Hand Towel

The InterFold hand towel is designed to control usage in mid-traffic areas, providing sheets one-by-one to reduce the cost of use.

This product is available in all countries.

This product has many variations and options based on: dimension, GSM (grams per square meter), fibers, number of plies, and number of meters or sheets.