Sterilized. Strong. Soft.

Our facial tissues are engineered with our patented SteriPro technology, which guarantees the highest levels of sterilization and hygiene. 

We have also included a brand-new feature, Cotton-In, embedding real cotton into the facial tissues for a feeling of unparalleled softness.

Rectangular Facial Tissue

With our patented SteriPro technology; this facial tissue is both soft and sterile, and is available in different sizes.

This product is available in all countries.

Cubic Facial Tissue

This product is designed for low-traffic areas, and is manufactured with our patented SteriPro technology for maximum level of sterilization.

This product is available in all countries.

This product has many variations and options based on: dimension, GSM (grams per square meter), fibers, number of plies, private label (printed), and number of sheets.