Continuous Refreshing Smell.

Our reliable battery-operated air fresheners come with modern and stylish dispensers that are convenient to use, easy to adjust and refill and provide a refreshing smell for weeks. 

The air freshener dispensers can easily be adjusted for the day or night, and the spray can also be programmed to go off every 15 or 30 minutes.

This product has many different fragrances and comes with a smart and modern-looking dispenser guaranteeing a continues refreshing smell.

Air Fresheners

Aroma Diffusers

This product has many different fragrances, guaranteeing a continuous refreshing smell

These Aroma diffusers can perfectly scent the open spaces, usually 70-90 SQM, giving you a fresh smell that lasts for longer time.

This product is available in UAE and Jordan.

This product is only available in Jordan.